About the Agency: Cognetix Marketing and Design

Cognetix was founded in Charleston, South Carolina in 2000, when several career marketing execs got together and challenged each other to open the kind of ad shop they believed could make a difference. They wanted to cultivate great ideas, encourage everyone to contribute and have fun helping companies exceed goals. Thus, the “Cogheads” were born. Today, Cognetix continues to grow thanks to an outstanding list of clients that includes companies like AstenJohnson, Charlestowne Hotels, Charleston Lighting and Interiors, D.R. Horton, Erskine College, and The Citadel.

Over the years we have expanded our talents, expertise and services. We are continually evolving to ensure we have the best knowledge, tools and experience to provide comprehensive marketing and advertising solutions for our clients, including: public relations, branding, graphic design, website design and development, search engine marketing, and digital and social media marketing.

Our Philosophy

As a marketing company, our primary objective is to help our customers create an emotional connection with their customers. Our job is not to sell them. People don’t want to be sold. Instead we want to relate to them in a way that allows them to feel good about the product or service we are presenting so it becomes a natural fit or extension of what they need. It is this emotional involvement…this connection…that will take a product from simply being liked, to something that is loved.

Cognetix seeks long term partners who are interested in becoming the leader in their industry. If you’re satisfied with the same old thing, staying in your safety zone, scared to try a new medium, you probably don’t need Cognetix. But if you’re passionate about what you do, and ready to shout it from every rooftop, let’s get connected!